9 Awesome Online Veterinary Courses For High School Aspirants

Veterinary is a branch of medicine that deals with taking care of domestic animals and birds- their health, diet, and also some technical aspects. This field can be an admirable choice to incline.  Nonetheless, it is a good idea for high schoolers to get into a few introductory courses to understand and dig into what this subject is all about.

To assist aspiring high schoolers, our list of online courses can ease their efforts in filtering out the best available options. Traverse through the following sights to get a better idea of online veterinary courses for you. 

Approaches/Parts Of Veterinary Training

Veterinary aspirants in high school may have residual knowledge about this subject. Because this branch is broad and encompasses sciences regarding multiple species. Consequently, for high schoolers who like to look into veterinary workspaces, there can be multiple course approaches to dive into the general understanding. They are:

  • Introduction to the field. To get an idea about what veterinary is, students can choose online courses that introduce,  expose and explain all about this branch and how the life of a veterinary professional is. 
  • Dog/animal health-related courses: These courses often aim to teach the candidate to take care of pets and animals such as dogs. With these choices, the students can not only get a preliminary idea of veterinarians but also can turn into good caretakers of four-legged friends. 
  • Birdcare Courses: Taking care of birds is a special branch of veterinary medicine known as Avian Veterinary. For bird-interesting candidates, this training can enlighten with the animal’s anatomy and care. 
  • Food optimization: As the name depicts, these courses mainly focus on proper nutrition for animals and birds. They may not only teach about nourishment but may also encompass the process of preparing these fodders. 
  • Technical courses: These training sessions focus on providing specific and professional training to the candidate. For instance, a course may focus on turning the aspirant into a diet technician. 

We here ensured to get courses addressing at least one of the above postulates to make it useful for high school aspirants. 

List of online Veterinary Courses for high School students

1. Do you have what It takes to be a veterinarian?

This course is designed by The University of Edinburgh to give the candidates a brief idea about what is covered in veterinary. It focuses on concepts that are specially covered in the first year of a veterinary degree. 

This course comes with fixed deadlines for students to learn and give final tests. It also awards learners with reliable and shareable certificates. The training is short and can be completed in around nine hours. While the course is narrated in English, students have the scope to set multiple languages as subtitles to understand better.

As it gives a comprehensive idea about the syllabus and lifestyle of a veterinary degree, high school aspirants can check this course to get ready for their veterinary college journey.

2. Dog Health And First Aid

Focusing on care of dogs, this course is designed by Vet. Dr. Sophie Bell to provide crucial information about and first aid training for canines. This training encompasses areas like the ability to communicate, identifying their pain, clinical examination, CPR, bandaging, and other complications in the animal.

The course comes with sources of multiple formats like images, videos, and summery sheets-all explained by a professional surgeon. While this course is designed to train pet owners and pet professionals, high schoolers can check this out to start their journey with a basic veterinary knowledge of canines.

3. Virtual Work Experience and Exploring the Veterinary Profession

This course is designed by The University of Nottingham to give a virtual and brief overview of the work experience of veterinary professionals- highlighting their edges and challenges. With a weekly study of 3 hours, it expands to 2 weeks of duration. 

Starting with introducing the candidate to the profession, the roles and responsibilities are clearly explained. Later the candidates can get a chance to explore the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons virtually. Then, the training gets accomplished with edges, challenges, and future scope of studies in this field.  

For high schoolers who are aspiring to get into veterinary college, this course can give out interesting insights that otherwise may not be discerned. Another advantage is that this certification can be put forward as experience in applying to colleges.

4. Learn to Design, Execute and Optimize Animal Breeding

Offered by Wageningen University and Research, this program focuses on educating the learners on the basics of optimizing animal breeding by exposing them to the evaluation of genetic progress and genetic diversity. It expands to 6 weeks of duration with 4-6 hours of training per week. 

Students start to learn about redesign programs, the effect of diseases, family relationships, and then diversity. With this knowledge, they can identify and improve the healthy population of animals through the right breeding. 

For high schoolers, this course can be a good resource to learn about genetics, and the other related insights about animals in one shot. Insights from professionals can bring about reliable knowledge- making this course noteworthy. 

5. Veterinary Technician Training, Salaries and Career Trajectory

Veterinary Technician may sound interesting. But, there are multiple insights that newbies may need to comprehend. This course by Linkedin ensures to give out basic ideas of various veterinary and other related health care professionals to give a better idea to the aspirants.

The course starts with a general cover overview of healthcare and allied health careers and then dives into the definition and overview of multiple veterinary technicians like CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Dietary Technician. 

These insights can prove to be helpful to high school veterinary aspirants to look into multiple professions to make the right choice among these. Aspirants can start with a one month trial before opting for the course. 

6. Global Health at the Human-Animal Ecosystem Interface

This course offered by The University of Geneva is designed to enlighten the aspirants about the current global health issues and their effect on humans and animals. It comes with a duration of eight weeks with 49 hours of training time.

The course takes the candidate through a brief background of all recent diseases that appeared in the ecosystem and then educates them on the care taken by MOOC with a dynamic, international, and interdisciplinary program. Learners are exposed to all the research made in this expedition, making them aware of the probable future and care to be taken.

This course provides high schoolers insights in multiple fields other than veterinary- disease management, biodiversity, and health too. Another edge is that this course comes with flexible deadlines and options of multiple languages in subtitles for aspirants from different demographics. 

7. Animal Psychology/Pets Behavior 

The first step toward learning to treat animals is to understand what their behavior is. Elmira Strange crafted this course to expose multiple insights about animals and their behavior at various ages to the learners. With a total length of 100 minutes, this training encompasses a total of 20 lectures.

Starting from showing a brief intro to animal psychology, the course later dives into the behavior of dogs, cats, and rabbits in detail. The users can give a final test to avail completion certificate. 

For high schoolers, this course can be a stepping stone to start their veterinary journey. With good knowledge of behavior, they can easily judge underlying probable complications. 

8. Natural Dog Nutrition and Well-being- Nature knows best

Dogs are one of the most common pets. Learning to care for them can create good value on the veterinary grounds. This short course by Udemy assures aspirants to teach training and take care of dogs-avoiding them being overweight or underweight. A unique factor of this course is that it encourages the aspirants to rely on natural foods.

With fifteen snippet chapters, this course starts with listing out functional foods for dogs, superfoods, and the truth behind the commercial feed.  Later, users can traverse the natural foods that make an effect on dogs at different stages of life. Finally, it is accomplished with a basic knowledge of common health issues and medicines to cure them. 

High school students aspiring to work with dogs or looking to specialize in veterinary medicine can choose this course to understand the essence of natural and commercial nutrition. 

9. Dairy Production and Management

Along with Dog care, dairy management is an important part of veterinary care. The Pennsylvania State University offers a course on dairy production and management to give the students a  good idea of the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, health, and economics of the dairy industry. This course extends to 8 weeks with around 76 hours of training. 

Starting with the basics of diary, it gradually shifts into the importance of milk, the righteous constituents, and how to bring about healthy milk in animals. It indirectly deals with a brief study of animal health tips to enhance them. 

This course gives high schoolers insights into areas like nutrition, genetics, and veterinarian. Thereby, it can be a good addon to their portfolio to aspirants of veterinary- especially dairy management. 

Which one to go for?

It can be confusing to choose one course when there are a lot of options. The list stated above filters out the best choices for you. With access to this list, it is your call to decide which of these is the best choice for you. You can take assistance with the approaches to find out what you are exactly looking for. Be it a summer session or regular learning, one among the above courses can upskill the high schooler for later applications. 

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