6 Biology Games for High School Students to Play Online

Biology subject and games, can there be any connection? Well, in the present world infested with gamified tools for teaching complex subjects, there can be one. Biology is a vast subject. It can be divided into cell biology, anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, etc., broadly speaking. Our biology games list is focused on giving you complete learning resource at one place.

We have curated here the best online biology games that can help high school students learn this subject thoroughly. If you are seeking a break from the research ideas on Biology and switch to something lighter, games offer the next best alternative. Let’s understand first how not to carried away by the gamification quotient and extract the learning benefits offered by these online games.

Including online games to learn Biology – The best approach

Many times, educators argue that online games may dilute learning instead of strengthening it. The students may get indulged in only improving scores in the game instead of mastering the concept. It may be true to some extent. Let’s try to arrive at the best approach while playing online Biology games.

  • Learn the concept thoroughly first
  • Try to make questions from the text and solve them independently
  • Use worksheets to practice answering the questions
  • Finally, apply the concepts to excel in the online Biology games.

Yes, the role of games is only to support the learning process. In no way, must you consider them as means to replace conventional methods of grasping concepts.

Let’s take a look at the best online games that amply challenge high school students and enrich their knowledge as well.

Engaging online biology games for high school students

1. Enzymatic

Available at: Bioman

Games on Biology subject does not necessarily comprise beating a challenge always. Some games offer an engaging way of brushing up on conceptual knowledge. Students can pick the topic of their choice and learn terminology related to it using these games. One such game is Enzymatic. It covers end-to-end topics related to enzymes, their types, chemical properties, classification, and related processes, etc.

In high school, you may need to perform experiments based on enzymes’ properties. This game acquaints you with the basics needed to perform such experiments also.

2. Bone ID Game

Available at: Askabiologist

Bones are important constituents of the human body. These are to be studied as a part of the high school curriculum. The Bone ID game offers you a virtual tour of our skeleton. You are given the types of bones whose location you can point at the reference diagram. It is a self-paced game that allows you to bridge the learning gaps. The game helps you grasp all the bone types and the locations where these are found in the human body.

So, if you are done reading research article or books on bones, you can have an additional resource in hand in the form of this game.

3. MarcoPolo Ocean

Available at: App Store/Playstore

Get advantage of active learning and be the master of marine life with MarcoPolo Ocean. This puzzle game allows you to learn and explore by building. The students can engage themselves in the coral reef formation, control the movements of Dolphins, and do several other fun stuff. This game is accessible on mobile devices and computers and helps you learn a lot about aquatic animals and their characteristic features, habits, etc.

Marine life becomes easy to learn about with this Android and iOS compatible game-based application. High schoolers can check their knowledge about aquatic flora and fauna and become an expert in these by spending time regularly on this game.

4. Human Heart Anatomy Game

Available at: Helpful games

High school students have heart anatomy in their curriculum. Even in the summer internship programs on Zoology, they are given advanced training on the cardiovascular system. They can have their dose of learning at home or while on the move by accessing this interesting game. The game is designed to help students check their knowledge of the heart’s structure and its various components.

It is possible to change levels as per the practice requirement. This game for high school students can be administered to the participants as a test.

5. Matching game for Genetics

Available at: Quia

Genetics is an interesting subject. It provides us with real reasons that work behind the way we look or have certain traits. Its basics always need brushing up as these get piled on by complex topics too easily. The matching game offers you a simple yet effective way to revisit the basics and revise all terms involved.

This game serves the needs of the high school students who are all set to dig this subject deeper in their specialization program. The learners can get their facts memorized to perfection and get their knowledge checked with this quick-paced matching game.

6. Cell Jeopardy

Available at: Quia

Cell Jeopardy Game at Quia checks your knowledge of cellular biology. This game is designed in a Jeopardy style. Students can select the cell with the points they aim to play for. The questions are aimed at the functions that a cell’s sub-parts perform. It is an interesting twist to the quizzes that are organized in class. Students can pick from the 1-player and 2-player formats and can have advantages of self-learning or collaborative learning as desired.

That’s it for now..

What do you feel about playing games to learn Biology? If this sounds great, catch up on our list and start playing. Share with us your experience and talk about those with your friends too!

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