Top 9 Online Animation Classes For High School Students To Enroll

Animation is a significant industry today, employing thousands of individuals every year. With the rise of VFX, it is used extensively in many sectors now- business, education, entertainment, and so on. In spite of the global economic crisis, the scope of the animation industry is rapidly expanding.  As such, this offers a lucrative career option to those high school students who have creativity and imagination. 

In addition, a wide choice of courses and degree programs are available for those students interested in a career in the burgeoning animation sector. These courses provide thorough instruction in both animation theory and practice.

While there can be several beneficial courses for high school students, targeting their area of interest. In this blog, we have compiled a list of top animation classes for those high school students who want to pursue a career in this field.

Online Animation Classes For High Schoolers To Try

Animation and VFX can be the ultimate career option for budding adults who wish to make full utilization of their creative minds. Hence, here are a few online animation courses for high school students: 

1. The Animation Course 

This is an online 12-week course for students aged 11-18 years. The course is divided into five levels and it aims to equip the students with the necessary tools required to create quality animation. 

This course is headed by the veteran Disney animator Chad Stewart. At the end of Level 4, the students are expected to produce their own short films. At level 5, they collectively produce a joint film. The course will not only teach students the tips and tricks of animation, but will also give them hands-on practice for the same.

2. Academy of Art University’s Online Animation and Visual Effects Degree 

This course was started with the aim of helping students develop a professional career in animation. To assist students in achieving their objectives, The School of Animation & Visual Effects offers an extensive online curriculum in addition to providing the students with the adequate tools and technology to develop a professional career.

Students can register in either their short-term course or long-term course, to make utilization of the knowledge of VFX and animation. 

3. Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor, started in 2015, is one of the renowned schools of animation for high schoolers. They have a wide range of courses under them that students can select from, such as animation basics, body mechanics, 2D animation and so on. 

Animation mentor boasts a diverse lineup of mentors from studios like Pixar, DreamWork, Industrial Lights, and Magic who teaches the students the techniques of animation. 

4. Elite Animation Academy 

Elite Animation aims to provide students with the highest quality of education by bringing real-life experiences to the classroom. This course is designed for students aged 8 years and above and is available in both English and Spanish. 

The wide variety of courses teaches students from basic to advanced levels of animation.  Online courses are available in the months of June, July and August, hence, they act as perfect classes to be taken by high schoolers during summer breaks. 

5. Animation Production Group 

This online program is an after-school program, designed for students from 5th to 12th grade. The goal of the Animation Production Class is to give students the foundational knowledge they need to both produce their own animated stories and work collaboratively on projects with other students and artists. 

Along with online classes, they also have in-person classes. Students who wish to utilise the summer break can also register for their summer classes, as they offer a short-term course which teaches the basics of VFX and animation. 

6. A Practical Introduction – Modeling & Animation in Blender on Udemy 

Complete beginners to 3D software should take this course. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the many modeling tools that are accessible and teach them the basics of Blender. 

This course offers the student the flexibility to continue the class at their own pace. At the same time, since the course is online, students have the luxury to sit in the comfort of their homes, and practice animation and VFX simultaneously. 

7. Animation for Illustration on Skillshare 

Animation for Illustration course teaches its students how to quickly and easily create animations with Procreate and Photoshop. It is headed by Libby VanderPloeg who has worked with Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Netflix and so on. 

This course has a total of ten classes which teaches students from planning a sketch with motion in mind to sharing their final work on the web.

8. Animation with Adobe Animate by iD Tech 

The aim of this course is to create brief videos that can be shared on social media as gifs and more by teaching basic to intermediate animation methods to students of ages 10 to 19 years of age. Students can choose from the multiple lesson packages offered by this course. 

The most popular course is the 4 lessons per month course for $68. iD promises certified instructors for this course who have worked with companies like Google, Microsoft, EA and Disney. 

9. 3D Animation Camps for Kids by New York Film Academy 

This course is designed to teach students some principles of animation introduced by the Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in their 1981 book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation and how to apply them to everyday objects.

The course is divided into six-hour modules which can be finished by the students on Saturdays, and there are three modules available in this field. Each module lasts for four Saturdays in a row. Students can choose to enroll in all three modules or only one or two of them. 

Points To Remember While Enrolling In An Animation Class

From robotics to fashion, there are several summer camps and online classes available in today’s day and age. If you’re thinking about taking an online animation class, there are a few things you should consider before getting started.

  1. The first and foremost factor to consider before enrolling in an online animation class is its credibility. Students should ensure that the animation course they are opting for is provided by a well- accredited organization.  If you don’t meticulously assess the course’s credibility, then you might end up with a fake degree. 
  1. Within animation, there are multiple fields or areas of specialization you can opt for, such as 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D computer graphics (CG) animation, stop-motion animation, and so on. So make sure to choose the right area of specialization before enrolling in the class. Another important point is to take into account your own interests and skills while choosing the best-suited class for you.
  1. Online animation classes are not always easy. Although online classes do provide greater freedom, the amount of work you must still put in remains the same. It is not the easier option as compared to traditional offline classes.
  1. You should have the required technology and the IT support to be able to successfully navigate the online animation classes. What is most important is a reliable internet connection. Lack of these resources may affect the learning of the students.
  1. Before taking an online animation lesson, it is important to consider what you will achieve at the end of the course– whether you will develop a particular skill, or you are preparing for a job etc. Being in touch with your aspirations before choosing the course is useful.
  1. It is extremely important to consider if you will be able to give in the required time necessary for the completion of the course. It’s normally easy for students to let assignments and due dates slide due to the flexibility of online classes. Therefore, considering if adequate time can be given is crucial. Along with it, checking the duration of the classes beforehand will enhance the experience.
  1. Lastly, there are a lot of online animation classes offered by numerous organizations and universities today. Make sure to compare these courses across a number of factors such as validations, accreditations, course specializations and course fees to arrive at the best possible decision of which class to join. 


Online learning and courses are just like distance courses. This phenomenon has become stronger after the Covid 19 pandemic. Online learning can be an effective tool for assisting people in achieving their personal and professional goals due to its flexibility and convenience.

For high schoolers, a career in animation may be an incredibly fulfilling and creative one. Compared to traditional art courses, online courses in animation are a cheaper and more effective alternative to pursuing your interest in the field of animation. Another benefit of online animation classes is that they allow a lot of flexibility to the student in terms of time and allows the students to learn at their own pace. Thus, if you’re a high schooler and are looking to further craft your career in animation in a way that fits your schedule perfectly, taking an online course would be the best fit.

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