9 Engaging SAT Prep Activities

Greetings, esteemed scholars of the SAT world! While SATS are not mandatory and are often not required by premier institutes like Columbia. However, those who are taking the test might feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of preparing for this high-stakes exam. If you are, fear not, for we have just the solution to alleviate your anxiety and make SAT prep an enjoyable experience!

Gone are the days of dry study guides and tedious practice tests. We’ve curated a list of quirky and engaging activities that will make your SAT prep a little less dreary and a lot more delightful. From solving SAT-related riddles to playing vocabulary games, we’ll take you on a journey that’s both informative and fun.

These activities will not only help you master the material but also make your brain work in ways that will benefit you on test day. With these off-beat SAT prep activities, you’ll learn to think creatively, apply concepts in new contexts, and develop a solid understanding of the material. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an SAT prep adventure that you won’t soon forget!

Fun and effective activities to boost your SAT prep

Have you just taken the PSAT, and wondering how different would SAT be from the PSAT? Are you tired of traditional SAT prep methods? Do you want to spice up your study routine and make it more enjoyable? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of ten unconventional SAT prep activities that will not only help you prepare for the test but also make the process more engaging and fun. So, let’s dive in and discover some innovative ways to conquer the SAT!

1. SAT Scavenger Hunt

SAT Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to put your SAT skills to the test in an exciting scavenger hunt! You’ll race against other teams to find hidden questions and prompts, solving them as you go. It’s a fun and interactive way to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

Create a scavenger hunt where you hide SAT-related questions and prompts around your home or classroom. Split your study group into teams and have them race to find and answer each question. This activity encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and quick problem-solving.

2. Create a Mind Map

Create a Mind Map

Organize your SAT study materials in a creative and visual way with mind mapping! Draw out a central idea and branch off into related concepts and ideas. It’s a fun and innovative way to synthesize and retain information.

Use mind mapping to visualize the relationships between different SAT concepts and ideas. Draw a central idea in the center of the page and connect it to other ideas with branches. This activity helps organize and synthesize information in a creative way.

3. Collaborative Writing

Collaborative Writing

Two heads are better than one when it comes to writing the perfect SAT essay! You’ll gain valuable feedback and improve your writing skills.

Work with a partner to write and edit essays from previous SAT prompts. Assign each person a specific task, such as brainstorming or revising, and switch roles periodically. This activity helps improve writing skills and provides valuable feedback.

4. Debate Club

Debate Club

Join the ultimate intellectual battle with our SAT debate club! You’ll analyze and argue different perspectives on SAT-related topics, improving your critical thinking and public speaking skills. It’s a fun and challenging way to hone your academic prowess.

Join or create a debate club to practice critical thinking and public speaking skills. Choose SAT-related topics and prepare arguments for both sides of the debate. This activity improves your ability to analyze and argue different perspectives as well as works on personality development. 

5. Flashcard Relay

Flashcard Relay

Get ready to sprint your way to SAT success with our Flashcard Relay! Compete against other teams to answer SAT-related questions before passing the flashcard to the next person. It’s a fun and high-energy way to improve your memorization skills.

Divide your study group into teams and have them compete in a flashcard relay race. The leader prepares a set of flashcards with questions covering a variety of topics such as math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Each team member must correctly answer a flashcard before passing it to the next person. Each team member must answer a flashcard correctly before passing it to the next person. The first team to answer all the flashcards wins.

 The first team to finish wins. This activity promotes memorization and teamwork.

6. DIY SAT Prep Videos

DIY SAT Prep Videos

Get creative with your SAT study materials with our DIY SAT Prep Videos! Use props, illustrations, or animations to explain complex topics and reinforce your understanding of the material. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn.

Create videos that teach SAT concepts and strategies. Use props, illustrations, or animations to explain complex topics. This activity helps reinforce your understanding of the material and provides an opportunity to review and reflect on what you’ve learned.

7. Simulated Testing Environment

Simulated Testing Environment

Prepare for the big day with our Simulated Testing Environment! Experience what it’s like to take the SAT with all the testing rules. It’s a great way to reduce test day anxiety and improve your time management skills.

Create a testing environment that simulates the actual test day. Use a timer, set up a quiet study area, and follow all the testing rules. This activity helps reduce test day anxiety and improves time management skills. Additionally, you can use productivity apps to nicely exercise the simulated testing environment. 

8. Case Studies

Case Studies

Apply your SAT knowledge to real-world scenarios with our Case Studies activity! You’ll analyze and solve hypothetical situations that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s a fun and practical way to improve your SAT skills.

Analyze and solve SAT-related case studies in groups. Create hypothetical scenarios that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This activity improves your ability to apply SAT concepts and strategies to real-world situations.

9. SAT Kahoot Quiz

SAT Kahoot Quiz

Are you tired of traditional SAT study methods? Are you looking for a more engaging and interactive way to prepare for the test? Look no further than the SAT Kahoot Quiz! Join your peers in a fun and competitive quiz game that will challenge your knowledge of SAT topics, including math formulas, grammar rules, and reading comprehension strategies. This activity will not only make SAT studying more enjoyable, but it will also improve your test-taking skills and teamwork abilities. So get ready to buzz in, and let’s see who can get the highest score!

Create a Kahoot quiz with SAT-related questions to play with your peers. You can include questions on math formulas, grammar rules, reading comprehension strategies, and test-taking strategies. Play the quiz with your peers and discuss the answers to each question. Additionally, playing the quiz with others can help you learn from your peers and improve your competitive and teamwork abilities. Moreover,  many websites can further help with a stronger grip on SAT prep.


While giving the SAT might be there on your bucket list, however, SAT prep doesn’t have to be a dull and tedious experience. By incorporating fun and quirky activities into your study routine, you can make the process both enjoyable and effective. Remember, the key to success on the SAT is not just memorization but also critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

By engaging in these activities, you’ll not only improve your test-taking abilities but also develop skills that will benefit you in all areas of your life. So, don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new approaches to SAT prep. Who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent or passion along the way. Best of luck on your SAT journey!

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