12 Hilarious Memes On Freshman Year Of High School

Freshman year is not the easiest- new classes, new bucket lists, new teachers, new campus, and along with that, there is an added pressure of new lessons and curriculum. Students normally face a lot of apprehension about his/her first year as a freshman.  But today, thanks to the internet, we can add memes to the list of things that make high schools more fun and relatable whenever our spirits are down. From memes about the first day of school to students’ daily struggles, the internet has got it all. 

Freshman year at high school is an experience that elicits all sorts of emotions, and there is a meme to cover every one of them. Here in this blog, we have compiled a list of high school freshman memes that are sure to lift your spirits and make you laugh.

High School Freshman Memes

A few memes can brighten up the days of freshmen. It can act as a stress reliever and can lighten up the mood of young learners. Hence, here are a few memes to cheer up the day: 

1. What freshman look like on the first day of high school

2. Hangs out with sophomores… Thinks it makes him cool

3. Freshmen talking about the good ol’ middle school days

4. High School in a nutshell:

5. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior

6. Freshmen on the first day of high school

7. When nobody in your group participated

8. Sophomores on the first day of school making fun of freshman

9. Looking into your friends’ class like:

10. That awkward search during the first week of school

11. “It’s never going to happen.”

12. High school freshman Vs The senior class

Using Jokes To Lighten Mood

The first year of high school can be quite terrifying for some students. From waking up early in the morning to having to sit for more than six hours for classes, the high school experience is not always the easiest. In such a situation, memes can lighten up the mood of high schoolers and make attending classes more fun. You can use memes as a tool to improve your mood. Your brain quickly begins releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin when you encounter a humorous image or video, which improves your mood.

Memes can be a terrific way to break the ice between students and teachers since they are amusing and relatable. One effective meme can instantly up the energy level in the classroom; they swiftly and easily engage students who were initially anticipating a boring presentation.

Humans are social creatures. We have a natural need to connect with others and express our feelings.

In general, we enjoy communicating with others, understanding them, and sharing. This is why people enjoy memes so much. They can be shared with a group, and the intended message is easily understood by all. Additionally, it allows people to connect online over a joke and enjoy the sense of being part of a larger virtual community that understands their struggles.


Although the experiences of a high school freshman may differ from person to person, everyone, more or less, went through the same emotions. As such, high school memes are relatable to all. There’s almost no one who hates a good meme- be it about their daily struggles as a freshman or the teacher’s struggle with the students. At the same time, introducing these memes through parents can also be a good tip for these parents of freshman students. It would not be wrong to say that high school memes are what bind many high school students together, as everyone can share a laugh about an experience they have all been through. As cliche as it may sound but laughter really is the best medicine.

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