10 Easy Job Opportunities For High School Seniors

We have long passed the notion that jobs are for adults and that studying is a student’s only fate. Things have changed drastically, and students working part-time while studying full-time is no new news. 

Whether you are looking for an extra source of pocket money or you wish to save up for college, there is plenty of job opportunities available for high school students. Earning money on your own prepares you for later professional life and helps you manage your budget by applying critical financial skills.

This post will cover the best high school student jobs, including part-time, full-time, and freelance opportunities. Some are super easy, others are very well-paid, but all do ideal jobs that don’t require a high school diploma. 

Job During High School Senior Year: How Does It Help?

A lot of students are taking up side jobs while studying full-time. On the other hand, others are interested in internships, from fashion to medicine to animation to even industry-specific fields like Zoology. While studying should be your major focus during high school, getting a job is also one of the most enriching things you can do. So let’s talk about all the positive reasons that should prompt you to get a job. 

  1. Money: Money is the biggest motivation behind any job. The same goes for students as well. Now that you earn your own money, you control where and how you will spend that money. 
  2. Experience: Getting a job broadens your worldview. It adds to your experience and looks good on your resume as well. The practical skills that you will develop while working on the ground will stay with you for a lifetime. 
  3. Distraction: High school is that time when you get in direct touch with a multitude of distractions. Amidst the pressure of assignments and dazzling distractions, your work could sometimes prove to be a refreshing break. 
  4. New Friends: You won’t be working alone for sure. Therefore, while you are at it, you will be meeting many new people and making some valuable friendships that could last you a lifetime. 
  5. Time Management: Having a job while you’re in high school will require you to have high organizational skills. Therefore, you will procrastinate less and manage your time wisely to balance your schoolwork as well. 

Jobs that High School Seniors can apply for

Now, let’s move on to exploring all the available opportunities in the market. 

1. Retail Associate

woman fixing clothes on the rack
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A retail associate works at a local shop and helps customers with questions, provides them assistance and advice, and helps them locate products, among other duties. It’s one of the favorite jobs of high school students as the students get the luxury to choose a brand of their liking, an industry (e.g., clothing, home goods) they’re interested in, and also enjoy special perks and privileges along the way, such as store discounts and career advancement. 

This job is an opportunity that will highly boost your interpersonal skill as you socialize with many people as you work! 

2. Cashier

person holding credit card
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Along similar lines, being a cashier is another top high school job option. For instance, if you work as a Target cashier, you’ll often be busy with a shift that gets by as soon as it starts. If you prefer a smaller boutique shop, you may have to double up as both cashier and retail associate. 

On top of retail store cashiers, you could be a cashier or checkout clerk at gas stations, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, or ice cream shops, among others. Just like the job of a retail associate, this opportunity will also hone your interpersonal skill. 

3. Babysitter

woman reading book to toddler
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Babysitting is the perfect job for those high schoolers looking for a job only to earn a side income. It’s ideal for students, as parents often need babysitters for after-school and weekend hours, and students are available during those precise hours. While the job demands you to be in constant charge of the baby, you can always find some ample time between tasks to scroll through your Instagram feed or catch up on some homework! 

Although the job might not attune to your career advancement plans, it is a pretty good paying option that gives you the laxity of time. 

4. Farmhand / Farm Worker

anonymous farmer planting seedlings into soil
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A refreshing break from the typical urban high school life, this job is an opportunity that lets you delve into a different experience on its own. Farms usually already have full-time employees, they require part-timers only as an extra hand to help them accomplish some smaller tasks, especially during the high season. This makes this an ideal job for your summer break. 

The tasks may include picking strawberries, driving tractors, sorting goods, planting seeds, composting, or general labor. A little prior experience may give you a smooth start, but even if you are all new to farm labor, you can ace it in no time. 

5. Front Desk Receptionist

a receptionist smiling at a person
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If you don’t think that the backbreaking work of a farm hand is not your cup of tea, then you can skip to the next option we have in line. How about becoming a front desk receptionist? Front desk receptionists are everywhere, always seated and air-conditioned! 

Whether at a gym, an office building, a hotel, or some other establishment, landing a job as a front desk receptionist will undoubtedly make you the collective envy of your class! Along with the comfort the work provides, you will sign up for a lot of learning. 

6. After-School Tutor

crop schoolchild learning to count at home with tutor
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This is the best job option for academically excellent students who prefer working with something other than a vast organization. Plus, you don’t have to prepare anything new for the job. 

You will be simply passing down your knowledge of middle and elementary school lessons to your tuition student. The job is comfortable, and it is highly enriching in the way that it cements your understanding of the previous lessons learned. 

7. Restaurant Server

crop man demonstrating plate of appetizing grilled sandwich in restaurant
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Restaurant server is one of the highest paying jobs that a high school student can land. If you come across as an amiable person with a positive attitude, an easy personality, a sharp memory, and a good sense of balance, waiting tables is the job for you.  Oh, and you could also get a free meal during your shift! Remember that you likely need to be 18+ to serve alcoholic beverages, depending on your location. 

While money is the most appealing factor of the job, constant interaction with a variety of customers will also help you sharpen your soft skills.

8. Delivery person

man holding a paper bag
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Delivery work makes for one of the best jobs for high school students. It has a lot to offer: great flexibility, job security, and an element of both social and physical activity. Whereas you may need your own vehicle for some delivery jobs, such as a pizza delivery employee for a small restaurant, some places provide them for you. You could also be on foot or use a bicycle in more urban settings.

And, not limiting yourself to just food delivery, you can also try other delivery options such as newspaper delivery, flower delivery, mail delivery, courier services, and more. 

9. Barista

woman holding mug of cappuccino
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Barista jobs are pretty popular among high schoolers because it is a position that requires expertise and doesn’t require much labor as the average fast food job description. You’ll take drink orders, suggest sides and desserts to complement their beverages, prepare coffee and tea drinks, and clean the restaurant when needed, among other tasks. 

And you may even go home at the end of your shift with a few bucks in tips! 

10. Data Entry 

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For teens who are highly proficient in handling spreadsheets with sharp attention to detail, there are freelance opportunities to help with data entry, such as moving information from excel spreadsheets into a program or vice versa. This contractual work is based on the project, and pay can vary widely. 

The significant advantage of the job is that you can do it online, sitting in the comfort of your home. And you can take up projects according to your monetary needs. There is no commitment involved; therefore, it provides you with a lot of flexibility. 

Summing up

Well, here we arrived at the end of our post. Having industry exposure becomes crucial for all budding professionals who wish to enter the field of their choice. At the same time, high schoolers can also consider doing jobs in their field of liking, which can benefit them in many ways. However, if you are confused and wish to take up a job just for experience, you can consider one of the options stated above. 

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