10 Law Enforcement Internships For High School Students

Do you have a knack for efficiently presenting your argument and winning your side? The thirst for understanding the law, discovering a case, or solving mysteries can now be practiced and fulfilled with helpful internships. High school is a crucial stage where you need to decide on your next step toward your career and passion. That’s exactly when internships help you explore your interests and act as a fuelling agent for your thoughts. Whether you’re interested in fashion, or medical discipline, Internships during high school act as a pathway to the next step where you can take time and experience to decide if you want to pursue the choice or not.

Instead of heading out, you can try enrolling for one of the law enforcement internships in the city. Law Internships are offered by various organizations, departments of the Government, and public offices. However, it is important to consider exposure to knowledge, duration, stipend, and timings. To ease the task, this article will take you through helpful law enforcement internships that allow you to learn from top-rated lawyers and legal professionals. Check out these internships, compare the choices, and choose the best one for yourself.

Helpful law enforcement internships: Know the important features

You can significantly shape your career path and explore various features of law through internships. It allows you to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding as you directly learn from the higher authorities. The below-mentioned internships and programs help you discover law and order along with networking exposure.

1. The DOI Pathways Program

The DOI Pathways Program is an interesting way to learn about different aspects of the law. Considering the qualification, you might get a part-time or a full-time paid internship. DOI has a large set of various agencies hiring for different programs. Most agencies offer helpful internships in your desired career including law.

DOI carefully administers the alignment of education requirements and career goals of high schoolers with that of internships provided. If you perform well, you might receive a permanent position considering the said criteria are met. Additionally, the time invested in internships counts as your work experience with the hiring agencies.

Duration: Varies

2. California Innocence Project Legal Internship

California Innocence Project, as the name suggests, is working towards freeing the innocent with the help of public support and donations. The project offers practical learning opportunities attracting volunteers and interns across the country. To learn about law and legal formalities, the project offers real-life situations and issues.

The project offers invaluable experiences as you get to learn about criminal law and post-conviction law as a legal intern. Note that it is an unpaid internship that comes with flexibility in timing. They are open to applicants only during fall, spring, or summer trimesters. 

Duration: Varies

3. Internship with Congresswoman Lucy McBath

If you want to learn how the U.S. House of Representatives functions, this internship is sure to offer you abundant knowledge. You can either for a full-time or a part-time opportunity at two different locations including Washington, DC, or Duluth, Georgia offices. It is a paid internship where you get to earn a stipend while learning.

With this internship, you can learn more about the operations and functions of a congressional office. They help you explore different aspects of research legislation and draft written materials. Practical experiences are offered as you also have to attend constituency calls. Such an internship will real-life learning that adds value to your career.

Duration: Varies 

4. District of Columbia Courts

The DC Government offers an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about law, public administration, and judicial knowledge. DC high school students can work in the organization and also get paid by serving the community. You can enhance your communication skills by attending many seminars and discussions conducted by them.

Here, you can apply for different types of internships including the legal department. Such internships help you explore legal writing, court observation, administrative tasks, and in-depth research about law. It allows you to acquire knowledge about the general functioning of the courthouses in the city.

Duration: Varies

5. The United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York Student Internship

The United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York offers a plethora of internships with different career choices. As most of these internships are unpaid, the experience still is valuable for your further endeavors. You get an opportunity to work closely and discover aspects of criminal law and legislation of the state. 

The legal department offers internships where you can closely work to understand civil enforcement statutes and other everyday responsibilities. It also involves the study of para-legal matters and pre-law programs. Here, you shall receive guidance and supervision from Litigation Professional Staff along with their knowledge of the subject matter.

Duration: Varies

6. Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program

Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program is a comprehensive part of learning and developing your career in law. The intensive internships involve pairing students with law professionals thereby offering hands-on knowledge and practical experiences. You need to go through an interview for the selection process.

Once you are selected, you are given exposure to different types of jobs including filing, data entry, or documentation. As you gain experience, you can also get a chance to assist paralegals or practice record keeping. They also conduct various networking sessions allowing you to explore in-depth. Upon successful completion, you receive a certificate of completion adding value to your career. 

Duration: Varies

7. Law Office of the Public Defender, Broward County, Summer Justice Internship Program

Imagine meeting the higher officials of the court and getting an opportunity to learn from their experiences. It is indeed one of the best ways to acquire knowledge and gain helpful insights about the law. The Law Office of the Public Defender offers internships to high schoolers based in Broward County. You get a direct exposure to understand the workings of court and criminal justice. 

The internship also highlights different law enforcement practices and the functioning of the crime lab. Such exposure helps you discover various aspects of law including preparation for pre-trial motions, case discovery, drafting of court pleadings, and much more. The internship offers learning from an attorney and meeting bailiffs, judges, and significant personnel involved in the process.

Duration: 8 to 12 weeks 

8. Baltimore City Law Links – Maryland Youth & the Law

Baltimore City Law Links is a specialized internship program specifically designed for sophomores and high schoolers who attend a public high school in Baltimore City only. The paid internship program helps you delve into different aspects of law in a professional setting. It allows you to understand the workings of a corporate office with strict timings and active participation.

With such an internship, they offer to work with a law agency or an equivalent organization. You get exposure to various aspects of law including the discovery of the case, filing, aspects of criminal law, and legislation. This internship helps you develop discipline and enhances communication as you meet law professionals to discuss cases. The program also includes interactive activities to invite active participation from interns.

Duration: 7 weeks 

9. Judicial Youth Corps Program

The Judicial Youth Corps Program is a comprehensive part of learning and earning for high school students. Offered by the Supreme Judicial Court, it is an internship program divided into two parts. In the first part, you are introduced to a series of different aspects of law through discussions, mock trials, and meeting law professionals. This educational session is run through the Supreme Judicial Court’s Public Information Office.

After these sessions, paid summer internships are offered to students in local courthouses. The knowledge gained in the first part has to be applied in the second part where you work and understand the functions of the court. It seeks to offer complete knowledge about juvenile law, the jury system, family law, and criminal law. The internship involves working with law clerks and probation officers too. 

Duration: Varies

10. Internship Program at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is open to applicants from Manhattan only for interesting internship opportunities. They offer meticulous internship programs focusing on criminal justice, civic enforcement, and police brutality. The teaching here is diversified as they teach through engaging workshops and activities directed at learning. 

Once you are selected, you also earn a stipend per week considering you dedicate time and effort to the program. It involves taking an active part in the preparation of presentations and understanding the law from the professionals. You also get exposure to understanding the working, implementation, and status of different laws under the U.S. Government.

Duration: 6 weeks


Along with law enforcement activities, an internship program is one of the best ways to acquire networking and communication skills. It is an effective way to learn about the working of firms and corporate organizations thereby preparing yourself for the near future. High schoolers get an opportunity to broaden their imagination skills and creativity thereby empowering them to be wise with decision making. Law enforcement internships and programs are sure to be a complete package of knowledge enhancement and confidence building for high schoolers.

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